About Us

Shijiazhuang Duotian Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is a professional manufacturer specialized in developing, designing and producing high frequency woodworking machines: high frequency vacuum wood drying kiln, high frequency conveyor board joining press machine, high frequency wood door frame joining assembly machine, precise high frequency cabinet/closet frame assembly machine, high frequency plywood bending machine.

Our productions are widely used in furniture, man-made boards, floor, packing, instrument, handicraft, thermal insulation materials and other fields.

Duotian machinery has many professional engineers with more than 10 years of experience, and will provide you a solution of timber jointing, gluing and drying. Besides, we can customize the non-standard HF heating equipment according to the guest’s requirement. Duotian Machinery has gradually been recognized by our customers with excellent products, stable performance, and thoughtful after-sales service. And exported to Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Russia and other countries. Duotian Machinery Co., Ltd. has always been focusing on customers, and will continue the high frequency product development ,and to serve more customers so that create maximum value for customers.

High Quality Standards
Strictly quality control, precise machining, selected branded electrical parts.
Educated & Experienced Team
Engineers in HF designing & development over 10 years.
Strong Sales Engineers
All sales are trained and worked for years to offer best machine selection suggestions.
Good Aftersales Support
We can offer overseas machine installation, testing, training; machine problem solving by email & IM.
Brands We Use
Our Solutions
Wood Drying

Fast drying with best drying quality – no bending, cracking, no color changing.

Board Joining Press

For thickness below 20mm, can be finished as fast as 3-5 minutes one board.

Wood Bending

As fast as 15 pcs per hour for plywood bending.

Frame Assembly

Wood door frame assembly in about 3 minutes, closet frame assembly in 10 seconds.

Benefits of High/Radio Frequency Vacuum Wood Drying
  • Fast drying – More than ten times faster than conventional steam kiln
  • More selective, flexible and convenient
  • Environment friendly, no pollution. Improve working environment and save the labor
  • High drying quality – After drying no shrinkage, no color changing. High outturn rate of wood material and less defects
  • Simple technology process and easy to operate
  • High comprehensive benefits
  • Stress removing – It can remove stress of woods after drying to avoid cracking after drying
  • High frequency waves can kill the worm and bacteria in the wood
  • Take up less money, capital turnover high
Difference between high/radio frequency vacuum drying and other drying methods

High frequency drying is internal heating method. It makes water heat themselves. Totally different with conventional external heating method (conductive drying method)

High frequency drying can make wood inside temperature higher than surface. Together with pressure difference, it increases the transfer speed of wood moisture from inside to outside. Much better and conductive heating method.

During high frequency wood drying, the distance between two layers of electrodes should be 150-250mm. The large distance can reach to 500mm. Other drying method cannot reach to such thickness. It is very good at thick wood and hard wood drying.

High frequency heating makes wood temperature gradient less than normal heating method. So the inner stress is much less than others. The wood will not easy to crack.

HF vacuum kiln equips with hydraulic press. During the drying process, it will give pressure on wood. After drying, it can keep wood straight and correct the wood slightly.

Under vacuum condition, vaporization temperature is low. It makes low temperature wood drying come true. High frequency plus vacuum, can protect wood from cracking, bending and color changing problems.